See All The Funny Vagina Trims

Trustworthiness of Vagina

Do you ever think about what hilarious cuts your girlfriend can experiment on with her juice box? Seeing a appealing, bald pussy is always a good thing, but what if she is willing to more than the regular strip every now and then. TRIM YOUR MUFF shows you all of the hilarious ways a lady can shave her muff. The graphic time line displays to you what designs are trustworthy and which ones are dangerous that you should be careful of.


It’s a amusing time line with titles and illustrations of how the muff is shaved. You will see styles such as The Heart Attack, The ZZ Bottom, The Mohawk, The GPS and many more.  You will even be allowed to spread the love of this playful graphic onto any other website with the HTML code that is given on the website. Come view Trim Your Muff for the greatest descriptions of the hilarious designs of the muff.